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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  October 3, 2012 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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voters. vice president biden said something tuesday the romney campaign agreed with. >> how they can justify raising classes in the middle -- raising taxes in the middle class which has been buried. >> reporter: romney said they have been buried. the obama campaign says ryan took mr. biden's comments out of context. in washington, susan mcginnis, cbs news. >> what are the facts and what you're hearing tonight is going to be just spin? we'll sort it all out for you this evening as we fact check the candidates in real time as they speak. we're teaming up with our partners at "u.s.a. today." we'll get the job done together. it starts at 9:00 p.m. on we'll live stream the debate there on our website and be sure to watch 9news now at 11:00 for the most accurate debate coverage. if you're not being avoiced from all the political signs
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clogging the medians of the virginia highways, there's a reason for that. there's not there anymore. lawmakers got rid of the law which used to allow the signs. right now not even political signs are allowed along public roads. >> too many. you get a little annoyed. >> looks like a lot of chaos. >> they can cause sight distance problems. it's not safe and it's costly for the county to have to clean them up. >> springfield supervisor pat harrity hopes fairfax county can reach an agreement with vdot which will allow the county to enforce the law. the fine is $100. voters in pennsylvania will not need a photo i.d. to cast a ballot. a judge blocked the law from going into effect on election day. opponents of the law say it would have unfairly prevented the elderly and minorities from voting. officials still have the option of appealing the decision to the state supreme court.
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it was supposed to abnew information system to root out terrorists after the september 11 attacks. instead the multibillion dollar program produced little valuable intelligence and wrongly convicted -- excuse me, wrongly collected information on innocent americans. that was the finding of a new report. it was intended to link local, state and federal antiterror states. it cost and didn't do a whole lot. some republican members of congress claim the state department officials in libya -- claim state department officials in libya had requested tighter security before the attacks on the consulate in benghazi. two lawmakers say they got
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their information directly from sources with knowledge of the event in libya. secretary of state hillary clinton announced she is forming a committee to look into what really happened in that attack. a military court has decided to hear more arguments in a dispute involving the accused fort hood shooting. major nadal hassan has refused to shave his beard on religious grounds. the army bands beards. he's charged with killing 13 people november 2009 and he faces the death penalty if he's convicted. a bang beating is captured on camera and now the man believe to have orchestrated it all is facing up to 25 years in prison following a guilty verdict. >> ken molestina was in the courtroom. he has the disturbing images. >> reporter: montgomery county prosecutors say you're looking at a gang beating in action. it happened along the 18000 block in germantown in april. the dispute was reportedly over a girl. the teen victim was supposed to be settling the beef with
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another teen. instead prosecutors say it became something much worse thanks to this man, 22-year-old teishan powell. >> police have stated he's a known member if not leader of the gang. >> reporter: powell used his role as a boss with the street gang rolling 20s cryptoorchestrate the violent counter. on tuesday he was convicted of second degree assault and robbery. >> i feel like it's racial profiling. i do. >> reporter: his grandmother says he didn't get a fair shake of the judicial process. six others took plea deals but powell was the only one who stood trial. [indiscernible] >> reporter: she refuses to believe her grandson is a gang banger and said these images don't prove anything. instead she claims what you're seeing is up to interpretation. >> if someone is on the ground and they go to swing, how you
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sitting someone from the ground. >> reporter: the video was taken in this parking lot area. according to prosecutors it was recorded by a woman with the group using a cell phone camera. she then uploaded the images to facebook and that's how prosecutors came across what they're calling the most crucial piece of evidence in the case. >> the video shows clear this defendant mr. powell was the assailant, the main actor. >> reporter: powell will be sentenced in december. in montgomery county, ken molestina, 9news. ten years ago the entire d.c. region spent three weeks living in terror. that reign of terror would be known as the sniper shootings. the first deadly shooting took place on the night of october 2, 2002. a man was shot in the parking lot of a shoppers food warehouse in wheaton. at first it was investigated as a single random shooting until the next morning when four people were shot to people. the snipers killed ten people in all and injured three others. they ajested john -- arrested
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john allen mohammad and lee boyd value -- malvo. a charter would grant the district government power to spend local tax dollars without getting approval if it goes through. the council plans to vote on it by december. then it would go to d.c. voters in the spring. if it's approved, the congress, though, or the president could still kill it. the entire council is behind the effort but d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton opposes it. she says she will keep pushing to secure budget autonomy through a bill in congress instead. here's a look at some other things making news now. officials believe several gunmen took part in an attack which killed a border agent along the u.s.-mexico border. nicholas ivy was killed in the attack and a second agent injured. this is the first time an agent has been killed in the line of
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duty since a firefight two years ago which exposed operation fast and furious. that was a botched a.t.f. gun smuggling operation. the former penn state graduate assistant who testified that he saw jerry sandusky showering with a boy back in 2001 is now suffering the university. mike mcqueary is seeking millions of dollars in damage and claims the treatment by the university since last november has caused him distress and embarrassment. he was put on administrative leave in november and his contract expired in june. sandusky was convicted of molesting boys but maintains he's innocence. jimmy hoffa's remains are not under the driveway of a michigan sur bub ban home -- sur bush ban home. hoffa disappeared in 1975. the day he disappeared he was supposed to meet with a teamsters boss. >> do they fix that guy's
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driveway or do they just leave? i don't know. >> there's an app for that. 4:38. morning fog is expected to clear by the afternoon. howard is back in two minutes with a look at the forecast. at 4:42. samsung can claim a victory over apple inside the u.s. new research subjects fewer teenagers are getting behind the wheel drunk. we're back in two minutes with your weather first. you're watching 9news now. i don't spend money
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on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a small amount that i forget how to put gas in my car. [ male announcer ] and it's not just these owners giving the volt high praise. volt received the j.d. power and associates appeal award two years in a row.
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♪ welcome back. 4:40. your wednesday first on this foggy morning -- your weather first on this wednesday foggy morning. rather damp and humid. could be a stray shower this morning. we'll turn partly sunny for the afternoon. that will help boost temperatures to the middle 80s. might see a stray shower late too with the drive home temp of
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82. i'll be back in five minutes with your seven-day. here bev with timesaver traffic. starting to pick up the overnight work zones. the biggest factor will be the wet pavement and fog out there. even in my neighborhood some of the leaves are coming off the trees. university boulevard, the overnight work zone out of the way with a new traffic pattern in the long-term work zone. now all the lanes are together. no longer a divide between the lanes. they all kind of shift to the right. next timesaver traffic at 4:47. back to you. >> thank you. it is 4:41 right now. time for the first your money segment of the morning. >> hello, money lady. >> good morning. a couple of pennies i'm rubbing together. i'm hoping they make babies. europe, still hanging over wall street, particularly after spain's prime minister's may
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soon ask for a bailout. stocks were dragged lower by a weak earnings report from a company called mosaic. they turned out to be the largest maker of fertilizer and they blame poor demand from china and india. a mixed finish for wall street. the dow stands at 13,482. lost 33 points in trading yesterday. nasdaq had a rough day, down by six and a half. the s&p 500 was higher by about 1.26 points. there may soon be an end to the bitter standoff between american airlines and its pilots. the nation's third biggest airline and its pilots union has agreed to resume stalled negotiations. last month the bankruptcy judge gave american airlines permission to throw out the pilots contract and impose terms for pay, benefits and work rules. and samsung now free to sell its galaxy 10.1 tablet computer in the united states. a judge has lifted a ban on
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sales of the product after a jury found the galaxy 10.1 did not illegally use technology developed by apple for its iphones and ipads. the jury did, however, find that many of samsung's other products did infringe on apple's patents and orders the south korean company to pay apple $1 billion. but you can get the galaxy tab. >> so they pay the fine now. they still can't use those things like okay, i paid the final, can i now have my product? >> yes, you can have the product for now. we'll see what the next challenge is because this stuff never ends. >> thank you, jess. hope those pennies become quarters. >> thank you. we're hoping for the best. questions are being raised about the effectiveness of beta blockers. >> we'll have more on that and your weather first when we return in two minutes. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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good morning. welcome back to nine fine now. it is -- to 9news now.
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it is 4:45. we're mid week. if you leave early, you will need to take a little extra time because you can't see too far ahead in front of you. >> some areas visibilities are down to one quarter of a mile. streets are also wet from the rain yesterday, just the drizzle. >> really heavy rain. i kempt hearing on the radio -- kept hearing on the radio about street flooding. >> that was north and west. culpeper got it. they had three and a half inches. i live in clarksburg. 2.7. >> wait a minute. i got slammed in bethesda on the way home close to the district. >> most areas just west of town really got hit very, very hard yesterday. >> the whole highway was going 15 miles an hour. >> this morning the problem is the fog. our bus stop forecast where we start, we've got temperatures which are running pretty mild. actually in the 60s and some 70s this morning. yes. once we bust through the fog toward midday and the afternoon, we have a little sun, that will help boost us into the mid-#s on that will be about 10 above average, maybe
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12. a stay shower. now we've got something northeast of baltimore pulling in toward pennsylvania so not really a concern. we're going to start with the clouds and the fog. 72 at 8:00. by lunch time i think we get a little sun but 80. winds out of the southwest 5 to 10 should push us into the mid- 80s. 84 at 4:00 p.m. this evening 77. the nats have an afternoon game today, the 1:00 game. we'll see how much we can dry it out by then. the weather should not be much of a factor. look at the fog. martinsburg, hagerstown, cumberland a quarter mile there. problems in the shenandoah valley from gaithersburg back toward dulles and manassas and warrenton. three-quarters of a mile down to a mile. half mile now at national and to the east quarter mile visibility in annapolis and baltimore. but the only advisories we have are annapolis up to baltimore and the northern then shenandoah valley. these dense advise -- northern shenandoah valley. those advisories go in effect till 10:00 this morning.
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cumberland, hagerstown, win chester 63. got damp streets out there, wet on wisconsin avenue. fog. as we said visibility a quarter mile at national with calm winds and humidity very high. 94%. we still have the flow of moisture in from the southwest. right now clouds here. some showers near wilmington, north carolina. they'll track more to the east. look like the rain chances are only on the slight side for the afternoon when we get a little bit of sun to come out. a warm day, 85. isolated shower. tonight we're dipping 65 to 70. so a very mild night. tomorrow low 80s and we might even get to 84. right now i think 82 but we'll watch it. still either way a nice thursday across the region. friday also looks very nice with lows in the 50s and 60s and high about 82 degrees. over the weekend here comes the front. i think saturday just a stray shower, 76. sunday skins in town, maybe in the 60s with some showers. much cooler early next week.
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monday's high only 61. it is 4:48. fog, wet streets. here's beverly farmer to tell what you that means for traffic. it means you need some extra time and caution, especially coming out of the neighborhoods on sometimes some wet leaves on that wet pavement. the fog factor an issue for so many areas. right now the beltway to the american legion bridge, fog is tree top or above. not a big deal for you between tysons and 270. starting to pick up all the work zones in tysons and annandale and eastbound 66 in vienna the road work is gone. if you're traveling on northbound 95, 395, volume building out of fredricksburg with lanes open into springfield and on to 395 to head up toward landmark. lanes open into shirlington and approaching the 14th street bridge. if you're traveling on 66 again no issues to report as you head in from front royal coming in toward manassas and into the beltway with that road work cleared. just the fog factor that we'll warn everybody about this morning. your next check of timesaver traffic at 4:55. back to you.
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>> thank you, beverly. a new study is raising questions about the treatment of heart disease. bait today blockers are the standard -- beta blockers are the standard of care for many patients you. patients. >> but it might not be offering the -- for many patients. >> but it might not be offering the protection they need. >> reporter: this woman has suffered heart problems and five years ago her health was deteriorating fast. she was in heart failure and suffering from an irregular heart beat. dr. steinbaum treated her with a beta blocker but a new study is raising questions about beta blockers and whether they actually protect the heart. >> a new trial is questioning the use of bait today blockers as -- beta blockers as being protective to the heart for people who have had heart attacks, evidence of heart disease and other risk factors. >> reporter: beta blockers
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improve blood pressure and blood flow for heart patients. a new study found beta blockers did not lower the risk of cardiovascular death, heart attack or stroke. millions of patients use beta blockers after a heart attack and to treat symptoms, including high blood pressure and irregular heart rhythms. doctors need more research before they consider changing that practice. >> personally i will not change my practice as we know that beta blockers are extremely useful in patients with heart failure, patients with chest pain or angina. >> reporter: for her the medication has made a world of difference. >> it's hard to even remember back to when i felt that bad. >> reporter: her heart function has improved. she's stronger and she worries less about her health. vinita nair for cbs news, new york. >> beta blockers can affect cholesterol and trigger asthma attacks. as cold season gets under way, researchers say don't turn to vitamin d for relief.
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new zealand scientists say it doesn't help fight colds. they followed 2200 adults for more than a year and found no difference between those who took vitamin d and those who didn't. new numbers suggest nine out of ten high school teens did not drink and drive last year. the centers for disease control says there's been a 54% decrease in teen drinking and driving since 1991. but researchers are quick to point out that nearly one million teenagers still drink. then get behind the wheel every year putting themselves and others at risk. it is 4:52. let's take a look at the question of the morning now. >> in the last four out of -- last year rather four out of ten american adults say they've gone a week without using this. is it a, a vehicle, b, cash, or c, the television? >> 40%. i bet it's cash. log on to our facebook fan page. leave your response. we'd love to hear what you
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think. we'll have the answer in our 6:00 show. we'll be right back.
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4:55. your weather first. we're looking foggy on this wednesday morning. the fog will burn off in a few hours. we're going to turn warm, partly sunny. highs the mid-80s. really warm this time of year. could be a stray shower this time of year. the fog causing real issues. here's beverly farm we are timesaver traffic -- farmer with timesaver traffic. wet pavement and poor visibility. northbound 95 no obstacles for you out of fredricksburg heading towards spring field. the ride on 95 south of the prince william parkway as folks merge into the hov lanes there where the volume is light. so just be careful out there this morning. your next timesaver traffic is at 5:01. andrea, mike, back to you.
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>> all right, beverly. students at a d.c. elementary school now have 15,000 new books. it's thanks to generous donations. employees from five companies dropped off the books in southeast. the company has donated more than $1 million worth of books since 2007 in an effort to promote children's literacy. if you have a taste for fine furniture, you might want to check out the newest exhibit at the natural gallery of art. they gave a sneak preview of paster pieces of american furniture from the kaufman collection, one of the largest collections of early american furniture given to the museum. the national gallery calls it a landmark moment for washington. until now the city has not had a major collection of early american furniture on continual public view. you can call it a make good of sorts or maybe a feel good gesture. seven years ago in his first major league at-bat, the first pitch adam greenburg had his
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career essentially ended quickly. he was a pinch hitter for the chicago cubs and a pitcher from the florida marlins hit him in the head with a pitch at 94 miles an hour. that pitch got under his elmet and damaged his brain. he was in recovery for a long time. the 31-year-old got a second chance. he was signed to a one-day contract with the marlins after a film maker started a nationwide campaign to get him one more at-bat. >> i didn't never get to enjoy being a major leaguer. with obviously the help of matt listin and this one at-bat campaign, he's enabled me to kind of get back and now truly realize the dream. i'm honestly just saying i'm soaking it in and loving every second of it. >> of course he had to face r.a. dicky, the hottest pitcher in major league baseball. he got his shot. the crowd cheered as he walked back to the dugout.
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more than 21,000 people signed a petition to make his dream a reality. a great story. fans get their first look at the upcoming movie the lone ranger. >> the stars of pitch perfect open up about their newcombdy. teresa -- new comedy. teresa garcia has more. >> reporter: walt disney studios released photographs of johnny depp to lasso moviegoers for the upcoming adventure flick. the they're bringing the lone ranger to the big screen. the trailer for the lone ranger is out today exclusively on itunes. the movie hits theaters next july. anna kendrick and brittany snowe were in new york promoting their new comedy called pitch perfect. they did their own singing a cappella. >> we weren't thinking about the fact that we didn't have, you know, instrumentation behind us. >> reporter: they weren't sure
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how they would sound once filming again but in the end she was pleased. >> when we were rehearsing we had that moment of wow, this kind of sounds good. >> reporter: pitch perfect opens nationwide on friday. no doubt taylor wift is among the acts that will perform at the european awards next monday. super model heidi klum will host the ceremony. hbo announced the sunday night crime series boardwalk empire will return for a fourth season next year. the show won four emmy awards last month and was nominated for best drama. that's your eye on entertainment. teresa garcia, cbs news, hollywood. thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. >> sound the foghorn. i'm mike hydeck. beverly farmer is in for monika today. mr. bernstein? >> it's foggy t


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